Solar Power finally makes it to Jamaica


Sandals Montego Bay “eco villa”

Solar Power Finally makes it to Jamaica

Sandals Montego Bay Jamaica opened its brand new state of the art  “eco villa” for inspection and demonstration today. The villa sporting 100 solar power panels is the very latest move by the Sandals group to embrace and raise the profile of eco tourism and environmentally friendly technology

The villa is capable of generating over 100KW of electricity per hour,  with the average household using just 35KW per hour, this development shows solar power really can be used to generate more than enough power to supply the most demanding of households, and if you can use what you produce? Well at Sandals the unused power is fed into other areas of the Resort complex and so none goes unused, and for domestic use the power can be stored in batteries for night time use when the panels are not generating.

In many other countries over production by domestic solar panels can be sold back to the electricity providers, but in Jamaica this process is yet to get off the ground, all being well this will soon change, which will give even greater reason for the Jamaican population to embrace the eco solar generation and reduce their home bills at the same time.

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