Coming to Jamaica


Jamaica is an amazing Island; the name originates from when the Spanish turned the Arawak Indian word for the island “Xaymaca” into “Jamaica”. It has been known by that name since about 1500. To pronounce the name of the island in Arawak one would say “ZHAY-ma-ka” translated it literally means wood and water.

Today Jamaica is a mix of hustle bustle towns and cities, full of vibrant music and food, and stunning countryside with simple houses and homes.

Jamaica is the country your senses long for, what they were designed to experience, from the constant fragrances of jerk chicken, roasting bread fruit and “herbs” to the sound of the constant music, car horns, and colourful language, to the stunning views of waterfalls, mountains and beaches, to the tastes of the coconut milk, peppers and spices used in cooking, to the hot sunny days, humid nights and afternoon rain, it’s all your senses could have ever asked for.

It’s no surprise then than for many Jamaica becomes more than a holiday island, it gets under your skin, it draws you in, romances you like a good lover, and then you want more……….

This site is for those who have fallen into the honey trap, for those what want more. Coming to Jamaica is not just a real estate sales site, it is here to help you with your transition on to the island, to help you find the jamaican real estate you are looking for, be it a single building lotlot, or fully built house. As well as practical support, accommodation and trade services

It is a one stop shop for those coming to Jamaica, both the Tourist or Returnee looking for the short or long term

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